This is the segment of our work we really enjoy. We find it particularly satisfying when we get to build or restore a recreational waterfront property. Whether the project is providing basic access to the water, or will be the focal point of a property, we know our work will be providing enjoyment and leisure.


A bulkhead is still the most common coastline protection structure. We install all designs-conventional timber sheeting, vinyl, plastic and steel. The exposure and budget usually dictates the selection of material for the bulkhead face. All of these options will provide a clean look while protecting the waterfront from erosion.


Seawall design has evolved over the decades. Today a new seawall is not just aesthetic with a reasonable design life. New projects incorporate the most modern reinforcing and concrete materials to provide for much longer expected use with greater exposure standards. Our typical seawall includes a structural concrete backing element with natural stone veneer to provide a combination of pleasing aesthetic appearance with strength and durability.


Terry Marine has been performing revetment and jetty construction to coastal properties for many years. These are very durable and low maintenance options to maintain certain types of waterfront. Because this kind of stonework requires patience and experience, not all of our equipment operators can perform this work. Like putting a puzzle together, sometimes the progress can seem tedious and slow. But the finished product is worth the effort.

Piers & Docks

Craftsmanship is the cornerstone of residential pier and dock work. We utilize only the best tropical hardwoods and pressure treated marine grade lumber. We're not furniture makers, but we take similar pride in our work and enjoy building projects that incorporate beautiful wood materials like ipe and mahogany. Our fabrication shop can set your project apart with a custom stainless steel, bronze or timber handrail.